Boarding Functionality

I was wondering if it could be possible to add functionality for boarding. I don’t know much about coding but as there is already so much there I don’t think it would take much. The medical stuff is all already there, as are details for each child but I was wondering if you could take a register by house not just form group, and/or maybe add a boarder/day option to the student profile and some form of sorting for dorms.
Also-could you add a Housemaster for each house-like a tutor for a form group.
I am sure there are ways to make the system as it is work for this but I think this would make what is currently great software have an extra dimension.

Cal, this is certainly possible, and as you say, it might not be that much work. However, our small team have our hands full preparing for the release of v14, which sees a major behind the scenes rewrite of Gibbon. One option is to contract some programmers to see if they can build you a custom Boarding module to do what you need? Ideally you would be willing to contribute this back to the community under an open source license, but I understand this is not always possible. You could start by looking at the companies listed in the Commercial Support section of our Support page.