Bigbluebutton errors lesson plan view

When i click view lesson plan, it leads me to an error : something has gone wrong. The gibbons have escaped.

This was after i installed the bigbluebutton module. Removing it clears the errors. I really would like the bigbluebutton to be integrated as we have a sever for it.

The php error i get is warning require /gibbon/modules/bigbluebutton/vendor/autoload.php

The bbb module didnt come with any subfolders

Hi @Misdaq123, welcome to the Gibbon forums. It appears, from that error, that the BigBlueButton module is using incorrect slashes in the path location, which may be due to using XAMPP with the BigBlueButton module. This module was developed by a third party, so the best bet would be to add an issue to their repo on GitHub to hopefully receive some help and support from them: GitHub - wenlanc/BigBlueButton

I tried to fix some issues it seems the slases were creating problems. Now i have another issue.

Uncaught Exception: Error - Class “BigBlueButton\Parameters\GetRecordingsParameters” not found in C:\xampp\htdocs\gibbon\modules\BigBlueButton\hook_lessonPlannerView.php on line 116

I dont know how to fix this