Behaviour permission for teachers vs form tutors


Our school has just started using the Behaviour module. Due to safeguarding issues, we only want the form tutor to be able to view the records for their form group students. However, the form behaviour tab is only displayed on the teacher homepage if I set the View Behaviour Records_all permission for teachers. This setting will let teachers view all behaviour records on the Behaviour page.

Is there a way for the form tutors to see the Behaviour records for their form students but disable all teachers from having access to all records?

Thank you.

Hi @thajni I can see where there could be concerns of safeguarding, even though limiting the use of behaviour in this way also limits its effectiveness in spotting patterns with behaviour among teaching staff. We can look at adding a new “View Behaviour Records_my” permission to the list. In the meantime, there is one change you could make that would allow you to limit behaviour in this way.

If you go into src/UI/Dashboard/StaffDashboard.php, you could change line 322 from:
$behaviourView = isActionAccessible($guid, $connection2, '/modules/Behaviour/behaviour_view.php');
$behaviourView = isActionAccessible($guid, $connection2, '/modules/Behaviour/behaviour_manage.php');

Then ensure that your teachers have the Manage Behaviour Records_my permission, and you should achieve the desired limitations on viewing behaviour records.

Thank you @sandra. This helps a lot. We have some people assigned to check patterns so I hope this won’t be the issue.