Basic Timetabling Of Classes


I have added Years, Terms, Days, and the periods (rows) of these days. How do I now assign classes to these periods. I couldn’t find it anywhere in the interface but I may just be being stupid!




There are a lot of options in there, so most likely it is not due to stupidity. Have you tried our timetabling guide? It is brief, but might point you in the right direction.

It sounds like you have created one or more columns under Admin > Timetable Admin > Manage Columns. In Gibbon, columns store the basic outline of a day: they are defined outside of the timetable so that they can easily be reused.

Once you have designed columns, you can use the in a timetable (under Management Timetable), and you can then drill down to create days in that timetable, associate columns with days and then assign periods into the column’s rows.

Hope this helps…timetable is always complex!


Hi I have added Years, Terms, Days, and the periods (rows) of these days, and finally I tied days to dates like the last two yeasr but now Gibbon dont let me see mi timetable activities.

Do you have course & classes, with users in those classes? You can look at this under Admin > Timetable Admin. Let me know!

Thank you Admin, yes we have course & classes and users, look under their profile bust is not working.
(¿me I send you my admin user and password?

Yes, please do email your admin username and password to, and I will follow up. Thanks : )