Available languages

Hello All,
I’m new to Gibbon. And I need to know if it fits my needs. Can anyone tell me what are the currently supported languages?

Zak, good question. As of v13.0.01 (which is the current stable release, the following languages are active (almost all are 85% or more complete):

  • ar_SA العربية - المملكة العربية السعودية
  • en_GB English - United Kingdom
  • en_US English - United States
  • es_ES Español
  • fr_FR Français - France
  • it_IT Italiano - Italia
  • nl_NL Dutch - Nederland
  • ro_RO Română
  • zh_HK 體字 - 香港

There are a further 22 languages in development:

  • bg_BG български език
  • bn_BD বাংলা
  • da_DK Dansk - Danmark
  • de_DE Deutsch - Deutschland
  • fa_IR فارسی
  • fi_FI Suomen Kieli - Suomi
  • hu_HU Magyar - Magyarország
  • id_ID Bahasa Indonesia - Indonesia
  • in_OR ଓଡ଼ିଆ - इंडिया
  • ja_JP 日本語
  • ke_GE ქართული ენა
  • ko_KP 한국어 - 대한민국
  • no_NO Norsk - Norge
  • pl_PL Język polski - Polska
  • pt_BR Português - Brasil
  • pt_PT Português
  • ru_RU ру́сский язы́к
  • sw_KE Swahili
  • uk_UA українська мова
  • ur_IN اُردُو
  • vi_VN Tiếng Việt - Việt Nam
  • zh_CN 汉语 - 中国

Hope this helps!


Thanks a lot for your detailed answer.

Hi Admin, Where can I download the languages, since I installed it and I get this error;
Failed to download and install the required files. To install a language manually, upload the language folder to /home/liteycal/public_html/gibbon/i18n/ on your server and then refresh this page. After refreshing, the language should appear in the list below.

Tks i located the file in github, an run ok,

Thanks jer627, great to hear you found the files. Can you let us know what operating system and version of PHP you were running, in case it may be something related to the server setup rather than Gibbon itself? Ideally, it should be downloadable through the interface in Gibbon.