Autorize.NET for Payments

Hi Admin,

We have a need to implement Autorize.NET for payments and interested in contributing to developing Omnipay module. Can you please provide some guidance as to where to start, which specific pages to create? Should it work similar to how PayPal integration works?

Hi Narahari,

Thanks for your offer to contribute! We currently don’t have the capacity to add this feature ourselves, but it has been requested a few times. A community member @Ibraheem has expressed interest in developing this feature too, I’m not sure how he made out.

Yes, I think it would work similar to the PayPal integration. Payments are currently handled in two locations: /modules/Students/applicationForm.php for application fees and /modules/Finance/invoices_payOnline.php for paying invoices. Ideally, we could adapt or add settings to the Third Party Settings section in System Admin to hold the API keys and other tokens, etc. Then when making a payment, the settings could be used in a Factory class to return the appropriate Omnipay gateway object, similar to the Simple Example but with the initial object coming from a factory based on user settings:

If you send your email address to I’d be happy to add you to our developer Slack channel. We’re happy to help answer questions as you dive into the code and figure out how to re-wire it : )