Automatic student numbers & staff

I am relatively new to Gibbon and l am enjoying this software. I am reading through the documentation and l am stuck on some few things.

  1. I added users with the teacher as the role. But these teachers are not appearing anywhere in Gibbon. They cannot be serached even via fast finder…what’s the problem? I can’t assign them to any class/department…

  2. I am trying in vain to generate usernames for teachers and students with numeric values (e.g cmadamombe 202). I tried everything but the numbers are not coming.

  3. Where do l go to generate automatic student numbers. I want student numbers to be like this: [yy/dd+ sequential numbers]. E.g 19301111.

Or any logical sequence for student numbers instead of entering them manually

Hi cmadamombe, welcome to the Gibbon community! :smiley:

  1. Users who are teachers will only show up in the fast finder if they’ve been added as a Staff member. Similarly, students will only show up once they’ve been enrolled in the current school year. This helps to differentiate users, who can have a variety of roles and permissions in the system, from actual staff and students, who have additional info and profiles pertaining to their needs.

  2. The automatic username generation can be found in Manage User Settings > Edit Username Format. Here’s an example of settings for an incrementing 4 digit number:

  3. Right now there isn’t a tool to automaticly generate student numbers. What I’ve done at our school is set the student ID and username are both the same, and once the username is generated we copy it into the student ID field.

Hope this helps!

@ross Thanks l will do the same and l hope this gonna work. It makes a lot of sense. Thanks ?