Automatic class enrolment

Hi Ross

It’s been a long time! What’s up?

I’m currently working on timetabling and class enrolment.

I was able to familiarize myself with how Gibbon is handling this. It’s rather straight forward and works well so far.

The current manual system to conduct class enrolments causes significant work load. I had a few discussions with administrators in the past weeks and automatic class enrolment came up.

Some administrators suggested to enrole students into classes depending on their assigned roll group. Apparently, the number of classes and the number of roll groups are often the same.

Such an automatic class enrolment system would basically be the first step. Later, there would be fine adjustements, e.g. deleting a student from a particular class or adding the student to a new course, etc.

I was thinking that maybe student and class enrolment could be done at the same time, e.g. when accepting a student application.

What do you think? Does this make sense to you?

Kind regards,


Nice to hear from you, and thanks for the ongoing feedback on how Gibbon is working for you.

Coincidentally, I have been thinking about the exact same thing, and had just this morning added the idea of automatic enrollment by roll group or year/house into Gibbon’s v14 todo list. All going to plan, this feature would be ready in the June 2017 release of v14.

I will update this post as soon as this feature has been added to the development branch…but first we need to get v13 out of the door (expected release is January 20th).




I guess, you are a mind reader…:slight_smile:

However, I’m very glad to hear this and I look forward seeing how you’ll go about it.

All the best!

Hi Roman,

This feature is now in the v15 dev branch :smiley: (releasing Jan 20, 2018)
Feel free to post any feedback if you test it out before release.