Auto-Generate Admission Numbers


Is there a way I can setup auto-generation of admission numbers.

Hi James :smiley:

Are admission numbers similar to student IDs? There’s a PR in right now for auto-generating usernames based on role, and it has a new feature of handling numeric sequential usernames. Our school needed auto-generated student IDs (which are the same as usernames in our system), with a format of school year + four digit number. If this sounds like something that might be helpful for your school you’d be welcome to help test the pull request and suggest any changes:

@ross They are used as unique identifies and issued out upon acceptance. Normally they have two to 3 characters of a school name or its initials e.g. ICHK001

Okay, if it fits for your purposes to use these admission numbers as student usernames then the proposed PR can do this. It adds a [number] option to the username formats, which adds a unique number to each username. The format would be ICHK[number] for your example. These are generated during application acceptance, and also when adding a user there’s a new Generate Username button.

@ross So it will be added to the next version?

Yes, this should all be in v15. I am hoping to get it into the dev branch later on today, if I have time to look at Sandra’s PR.

Thanks! no rush. I’m happy to update it if you see any ways to improve the feature to be as flexible as possible for different schools.

@ross @admin If I have a proposed feature could I ask for it or its past submission?

I’ve added the PR into the system, but from Sandra’s comment above she seems interested to try and help, so perhaps check the latest commits on the v15 branch, and then ask us what you need. Ross.