Auto-enroll in Courses/Classes when importing via CSV

Hello there,

When I import via CSV Student Enrolments, it does enroll the students in the From Groups; but it does NOT enroll them in the Courses.

I understand the tool “Sync Course Enrolment” does this, however it states that:
“new students accepted through the application form and student enrolment process will be enroled in courses automatically.”
Which I infer means it will not update the course enrolment statuses if neither of those two tools are used.

The tool works fine individually. I wonder how can I enrol multiple Groups into Courses/Classes? The “Course Enrolment by Class” import tool still requires individual student enrolments (one student per row), which is very impractical when handling thousands of students.

Any advise?
Kind regards.

Hi Daniel,

You can also run the Sync manually through the Timetable Admin > Sync Course Enrolment > Sync All option (or by clicking the Sync option next to a particular year group). We use this at our school, as we do import all the student enrolments via CSV, then run the sync once to put all the students into their necessary classes. After that, new student applications or roll group changes will handle the automatic syncs as needed. Also, anytime you open the Sync All option it will give you checkboxes to select which staff/students to sync, which you can use to selectively sync students our courses as well.

Hope this helps!

Yes! I’m so sorry , I should’ve read that page better. I didn’t notice the button… I’m just familiarizing with the interface.

Thank you very much Sandra!

No problem, always happy to help