One of the biggest merchant gateway connection here in the US is I would like to create a plugin for Gibbon that will use the API in order to process credit cards.

Can you give me any feedback on starting points?

I will probably take the Paypal one already there and adapt it since most of the infrastructure is there. My question is, does the system even have the ability to choose another gateway if there is another extension or would we just have to replace the paypal one?

We do not need to have paypal and, we just need

If we can figure it out we will submit it back to the branch so everyone can benefit.

Hi jemmyn, this is a great question, and I’d suggest we see if @ross has any input, as this part of the system is a great candidate for redevelopment, such that we can easily build in a variety of gateways. Let’s see what Sandra can contribute…

Hello hello! Good questions, yep this could certainly be an area to refactor and build in a more flexible gateway. There’s a library called Omnipay that may be a good fit for this case and supports a range of payment gateways (the PHP league libraries are pretty top-notch). I haven’t used this library personally but it may be something worth looking into. Similar to the OAuth issue, if there’s a generic library available it could help decouple the code from any one specific implementation.

I really like the idea of this integration. It makes much more sense then dedicating hours of work into just adding one gateway just to have someone request another one shortly after.

Perhaps something to consider for v16…?

I know this is a very very old thread, but perhaps there’s worth in re-visiting this topic?
Has this been added to the dev queue? I would be happy to look into developing a module if this would be supported by the core branch?

@ross Could I ask where I would start with this?
Could you provide a reference of which files handle all of the payment gateway functions?
What would be the best option for developing an Omnipay module to later integrate into the Gibbon core?

Actually, I’ll start a new thread to avoid clogging up an old conversation!

Will you let me know the new thread so I can stay informed please?

It doesn’t look like @Ibraheem opened another thread.

Looks like this is the one: