Audit Trail

Is an audit trail showing who changed what data when on the roadmap?

I am a DBA and have previously achieved this with triggers on the main tables that write to history tables that have schema closely mirroring the main table. I have done this in MS SQL but believe something similar might also be possible in mySQL, I’m happy to explore/demonstrate this, but the pre-requisite would be that the main table would need modifiedDate and modifiedBy columns. gibbonperson would be an ideal first candidate.

Hi Rich,

Yes, we had started work on an audit system in a previous version, and then realized that a lot more refactoring of the system was necessary before we could implement it in the way that we wanted. We have been working on ongoing refactoring the past several versions, so I think we are now much closer to this goal. I will add it back to the roadmap for v25, which is the next development version for the later half of this year.

Thanks Sandra, great to hear that you have already been thinking about this one, and thanks for adding it back to the roadmap.

I am very interested in seeing this come to fruition. Thanks