How do I list attendance for a particular group

Also, how do I list the teacher that has taken the register for a group or list all groups that a teacher has taken the register?

Sorry I know that sounds like a big question!

Hi Martin, what do you want to list in relation to attendance? When it was taken and by whom? For form groups or class groups? If you can answer these questions, I could add a Query Builder query for you that exports all of these for the current day. Ross

Hi Ross

I need to list a variety of combinations for the above, hence thats why I say it is a big question.

If you could point me to the correct tables I don’t have a problem creating the query myself., I also don’t mind sharing the query with you.


PS I am still working on the other project.

Hi Martin,

That is very kind of you, thanks! Check out the four tables shown below:

The first contains codes for different attendance statuses, and the second to fourth contains the logs for classes, person and roll/form group respectively.

It is worth nothing that there may be multiple records for any entity on any given day, as attendance can be taken multiple times.



Thanks, Ross.

I was going to ask you about the point of taking multiple attendances.

Although I see it is necessary to take attendance for each session, I am having difficulty where the need for a new record is required for multiple registration logins, where a record update would do just as well


Hi Martin, this is a tricky one, as often there is a need, with attendance, to dig back and track who has changed what and when. From memory, form group attendance records every log, whereas class attendance compresses logs when it is the same person taking it. Ross.