Attendance Types

Is it correct attendance types are predefined and not changeable by admin? So if for example student is Late because of school bus that reason would go in comments as we would want to isolate them from general lates.
we can have students registered but not yet in Macau as a special case of absence and suspension as another - I assume we cannot add these criteria to the absent list?
I can see you can generate reports on students not present - can this be done for a date range and looking at specific criteria eg lates, unexplained absences?
can an alert be setup for students that are regularly late to class as we have class attendance and homeroom not till end of the day for secondary so we can pickup students regularly being late?
Thanks Brian


You are correct that the list is predefined, and not changeable through the admin interface. For now, record these edge cases in the Comment field. Going forward, I have added this to the todo list for v13.

For the students not present by date range, the quickest option would be to ask Sandra to pull out the SQL for that and work it into a Query Builder query for your school. If she wants to share it with other schools, we can always add it to our repository of queries.

We will look at lateness alerts in v13 as well for you.