Attendance Types

I have a problem in the attendance register, when i come to the page i don’t have any attendance codes in the drop down boxes are not there so i cannot mark students present ect.
Please could you help

gpsal, what version of Gibbon are you running?

@ross any input here? I believe this one has been resolved in v14.



Hi thanks for your quick reply i am running 13.0.02 but when i go into the system page i cannot update the system as it says it is already up to date

Hi gpsal,

If you go into School Admin > Manage Attendance Settings you should see a list of the attendance codes. Click and edit one and you’ll see an Available to Roles section. If you’ve added custom roles to the system they may need added here (cmd click to add). Otherwise, if you deselect all the roles for an attendance code it’ll remove the role requirement and become available to anyone (assuming they have access to Take Attendance).

Hope this helps!

@admin Looks like in v13 these were created to default to the same roles that have Take Attendance access (Admin, Teacher, Support Staff), I’m thinking I should have defaulted them to blank so the role restriction is off unless otherwise specified.

@ross, this makes sense. Is this something we want to change for fresh installs of v14 plus? Or tackle in v15? Ross.

Yeh thanks that worked i now have all the attendance codes on the list thankyou