Attendance status + Messanger

Hello Members…

Is there a setting in attendance that activates (present, left, … ) to show up in the messenger module (targets) or what are the files responsible to display the options. I realized they are not showing when I select the attendance status as message target.
Version 21.0.00 (planning to update during rollover)

Thank You.

Hi Kelvin, the best place to check is Admin > User Admin > Manage Permissions, under the Messenger module: not all targets are available to all user roles, and so you may need to enable the New Message_attendance permission. Hope this helps! Ross

Hi Ross,
I checked and the permission New Message_attendance permission is set okay. (This is also confirmed by the fact that the option is available under the target groups only that it’s not showing the (absent, left early …) options.

Your reply help in me trying a different user with higher role and compared the permissions under:
Messenger module and Attendance Module

The permissions match perfectly but the higher role can access the options under attendance targets the other user can see the target group but cant get the options to select/multi-select.

It is odd because the two users are copies of each other with minor roll tweaks, I never touched the permission under those two modules (That’s why they’re even similar but one cannot access the options; absent, left early …)

Hello @admin and the Gibbon community,

The Gibbon journey looks wonderful especially with the new look in version 22.

I am currently concerned about the above mentioned issue. I checked the permissions under Messenger and Attendance -----> two users with same permissions in this two section but one can access the Target group attendance while the other cannot, the section show:

instead of :

PS: the only big differences in permission about this two users is limited access to “system admin” for the different roles created.

what other permissions affect this section in messenger?

A big thank you.

Hi Kelvin, the options that show in Select Attendance Status menu depend on user’s having rights to use those codes. Such codes can be be restricted to certain roles, in order to offer more control over who can do what.

To check this, head to Admin > School Admin > Attendance Settings, and edit the various attendance codes to see who can access which one.

Let us know if this helps!


Thank you so much @admin
The settings at: Admin > School Admin > Attendance Settings
were the ones I needed to adjust as required.

works perfectly :smile:

Thank you!