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Good Morning,

Can you please let me know how to edit attendance record from the dates that has been passed?
The problem that we have now is, when the teacher taking attendance in homeroom session choose Absent for a student and save the attendance that morning and a few minutes later the student show up and then we changed the attendance to Present Late.
The first information that got recorded which is Absent still appearing in the summary attendance so at the same date students will have Absent and Present Late.
If we can edit the attendance record we would like to remove the Absent so students attendance summary will only have Present late not Absent. Is this possible to do?
Screen shot for your reference taken from “Attendance summary by date”

Thank you for your help.

Hi Ayu,

There’s a setting in Manage Permissions under Attendance which can be turned on to allow certain roles to edit the attendance logs after the fact (I think it’s off by default).
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When enabled, go to View Attendance by Person and pull up the student and date you need to make changes on. You should now see a pencil icon to edit the record. It can’t be deleted but the status and reasons can be changed.

Hope this helps!

I got it,Thank you verymuch!

How can students view their own attendance records? I cannot find any option to turn it on.

Hi tlee, this is something that is not currently available, but we should be able to add it for you in v16, as the information is already available to parents and staff. Can you explain the rationale for wanting this, just so we understand more about the use cases you have in mind? Thanks, Ross.

Hi Ross:
Attendance is part of our students’ participation point. Students would like to track their own attendance records.

Hi tlee,

This sounds reasonable enough : ) I’ve implemented this feature in the v16 development branch, and you can see the changes in the following commit:

These changes are not backwards compatible with v15, so if you are running the stable version you’ll need to wait until v16 drops. If you are very comfortable hacking Gibbon, you might consider a backport, but you risk breaking the update process when you eventually move to v16, so act with care!



DR. ROSS, buenas noches,

He querido actualizar la nueva version V15 no lo he hecho porque no administro el servidor
Me gustaria tener claro si como administrador de Gibbon, puedo hacer el BACK UP y actualizar mi version sin necesidad de entrar al servidor.

Hi Beatriz,

This is a good question, and there are many ways to back up. The two types of things you’d be looking to backup are your files (especially /uploads) and your database. How you go about doing this depends on the type of server you have.

As an example, we run our own servers using Ubuntu Linux, and so use a variant of the attached script to backup our Gibbon files and database, as well as the server’s own configuration files. This is scheduled, using cron, to run every night, saving the files to an external drive (which we locate at /backup in the file system). To make this file executable, you would need to change .txt to .sh (as it is a shell script), and adjust its permission settings.

It is generally not part of our mission to solve such system admin related issues…but we are happy to try : ) Good luck!


Mil gracias Dr. Ross, voy a probar y seguir sus instrucciones para ver hasta donde puedo llegar, Desafortunamente nuestra Fundacion no cuenta con recursos para pagar un desarrollador y yo estoy tratando de hacer todo al tiempo. Aunque tengo algunos conocimientos no soy experta pero hare mi mejor efuerzo por lograrlo.

A developer should not be needed, but an experienced system admin is useful! I am sure you can train yourself into this role. Good luck : )

Buenos dias, aca voy despacio entendiendo cada dia mejor el sistema, tengo una inquietud
ahora ya quiero pasar a la configuracion de Horarios
Entre por Configuarar Departamentos
Cree dos Areas.

Area de Aprendizaje > Musica
Area Administrativa > Direccion
Revisoria Fical
Luego viene en en el Menu >Configurar Casa
Configurar cursos
Configurar Niveles

No entiendo cuando se refiere a Casa cual el concepto que se Maneja para este Item. No se si configuro Solo Cursos y Niveles voy a tener problemas luego para la configuración de Horario.

Podria por favor podrian ustedes explicarme un poco el concepto de casa y si es indispensable crearlo.
mil gracias