Attendance Scope and Direction


I am setting up my attendance codes and I am needing to add things such as “Educational Trip” and “Work Experience” which shouldn’t effect students attendance. I was wondering, if I add Scope to Offsite and Direction to Out Of Class, will it take down their attendance or make them absent?


Hi @DLenny Good question. Scope and Direction can be tricky, and sound the same at first, but have a vital difference in the system. Direction “In” means they are in a school class/activity of some sort, even if they are offsite, whereas “Out” means they are not doing something school related (counted as absent in the system). For this case, I’d recommend an attendance code called “Present - Offsite” (Scope: Offsite, Direction: In) if they are “in school but off campus”, and using the Reason field for Educational Trip or Work Experience (you can customise the reasons in School Admin > Attendance Settings). Otherwise, if you create new codes, keep in mind that “Out” will count as absent. Hope this helps!