Attendance report

Hi Ross,

There are various reports available but they don’t really show what I need.

I’m looking for a student attendance summary, e.g. per form group, per term or per year. It should show the number of school days, absent days, etc.

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Roman, we are really busy with v13 right now, and so not able to add this. Have you tried the Query Builder? That has a query, provided with a license (currently free of charge) called School Days Present Between Two Dates by Student which might do some of what you want, and which you could try and modify.

Thanks for the tip! I’ll try that!

I managed to modify the ‘School Days Present Between Two Dates by Student’ query to show absences but it wasn’t what is needed by our attendance person.

They need a Weekly report that shows who was absent and what days they were for the whole school grouped by roll group.

Something like:

Roll Group 1:
Student1 Mon,Tues
Student2 Thurs, Fri

Roll Group 2:
Student3 Mon
Student5 Tues, Wed

As I have no SQL skills, Help please


Hello. Well done editing the report…just keep in mind that any changes that you make that are not contributed back to the project will be overwritten the next time that you upgrade.

In terms of adding a new report to Gibbon, we can’t do it right now due some other work that is ongoing, but I have added it to the Feature Requests - Pending section of our Trello planning board for v14.

We will update this thread if and when the feature gets built.



Hi Ross,

Thanks, how often are new versions released?

We release every 6 months, and you can see our road map for more details.

Nice. Thanks

Hi CafSentryGnome,

This has been added to the v15 development branch: Hopefully this is along the lines of what your school needs (it’s also something my school needed). There’s a screenshot and some details in the pull request, if you spot anything to update or add let me know.


Hi Sandra,

Well done! I was looking for something like this!

Is there a way to send the report as notification to preset users and/or email?

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Yep, the CLI script has been added as a new type of notification event, you can find it under System Admin > Notification Settings as Weekly Attendance Summary. From there you can subscribe users to the event. It’s only available in v15 right now, but it’s a fairly self-contained change (one file and one database change) if you wanted to add it to a v14 install.

Well done! Thanks!