Attendance Report - Class Wise Hourly Summary Report

Dear Support Team,

there is option particular one class report of attendance summary report, how can I print all class hourly summary report.

Student Name Total Hours Attend Hours
Student - 1 50 hours 45 hours
Student - 2 50 hours 43hours
Student - 3 50 hours 49 hours


No problem. Can you confirm that you have a Value Added License for Query Builder, otherwise you won’t be able to access the query? Cheers, Ross.

Hi vishalr, this is not currently possible in Gibbon. A good bet would be to use SQL to draw this data up. If you have a Value Added License for Query Builder, we can look at writing the query for you. Cheers, Ross.

@admin thanks for reply.

please write query for this report.

@admin Confirm

@vishalr sorry for the delay response, it has been a busy week. I can’t locate your Value Added License: please can you email from the email address used on your license and I’ll double check. I’ll then do my best to create the SQL in the coming week. Cheers!