Attendance issue

Hi Ross,

The following problem has been reported to me:

A student didn’t show up anymore and administration decided to set him to left. Consequently no attendance was taken for that student anymore. A few months later the student came back and it was agreed that he should resume school and join his old class. His attendance must now be updated and set to absent for the period he did not show up. The only way I found is to take attendance by student and click through every day. In this case I have more than 100 days to update.

Is there a more efficient way, e.g. by entering the start date and end date similar to taking future absences?

How would you go about it?

Kind regards,

Roman, this is an interesting edge case. I am not sure it is worth us writing any code changes to deal with this, but a quick fix for you would be to go into your database and insert the relevant records there directly in SQL. The field you want is gibbonAttendanceLogPerson. This should be somewhat more efficient than the manual way, but that depends on how long it takes to work out the fields and make sure you get it all right. No other shortcuts I can think of I am afraid!


Hi Ross,

Yeah, you are right, edging and itching…

Thanks a lot for your input!

To do database entries is definitely an option for myself or anybody who knows how to handle a database and phpMyAdmin.

The school staff I’m working with needs a more convenient interface to do this. Therefore I was thinking of something similar to “Set Future Absence”, which comes rather close to what we need here, right?

The difference is basically, that it works for past records as well and the type of attendance can be set.

Am I on the right track here? What do you think of this approach?

Kind regards,

Roman, this sounds right, and we definitely don’t one anyone who is not seasoned going into the database. At the moment we have too much going on to make this change ourselves. What are your coding skills like? Are you able to implement your ideas into code? Ross.

Thanks! With your usual support things should work out just fine… I’ll get back to you on this…