Attendance Input

Hi i was taking a register today and i was wondering if there was an easier way of taking it;
I thought that maybe if there was an option to have all names in a list without the pictures and you have to press a key on the keyboard that adds a specific criteria into the box and it automatically moves on to the next person.
I would appreciate if you could code or make something like this for me and all other users as it would help with making the register at the start of each lesson shorter.


Hi gpsal,

The attendance pages default to Present for each student, so for the most part a teacher just needs to change a couple records for absent students and submit the attendance. The tab key can be used to switch between fields but often it’s faster to use the mouse. If an entire class is offsite for a field trip or other reason, there’s an option at the bottom of the page where a teacher can change all the attendance at once, eg:

Hope this helps!

Yeh thanks ,this is the method that i am currently using but i was just seeing weather anyone would see if they could code something that i could add to the files, much like the register system which is very fast and takes no time where a keyboard letter can be pressed and that inputs the attendance code i have attached a picture,
If anyone would be willing to do this please contact me,much appreciated

Yes please! We’d like this too :slight_smile: