Attendance History Not showing after teacher registers the attend :There are no records to display.

Hi before anything thank you for the great job. On the other hand we just have installed the last version and when a teacher registers attendance for a specific class, it seems that everything gets recorded ok and teacher gets the confirmation message BUT afterward when admin or teacher want to see the attendance summary for that class they get the error message saying :
There are no records to display.
Is there any tips or tricks around that?
Thank you

You are most welcome!

In Gibbon there is a distinction between class attendance (taken in an individual teaching group) and school attendance (taken in a form/roll group or for an individual). It is possible that you are taking one (e.g. class) but checking another (e.g. school). Please can you double check the interface links you are clicking on, within People > Attendance, and let us know if this seems likely.

There are settings to use one set of attendance to inform the other, and these can be found in Admin > School Admin.



Thank you for the response.
We just realized that
1- we had created the user as teacher
2- but we had NOT added him as staff.
So the teacher could take attendance but admin could not search for it.
After adding him as staff this issue got fixed