Attendance for double lessons - displays as not taken

Hello! We have some double lessons in our timetable, and we ask teachers to take attendance for both periods. However, after a teacher takes attendance for period 1 and then period 2, and then goes back to period 1, the system says attendance has not been taken for this class. You take attendance again, and go to period 2, and again the system says attendance hasn’t been taken. We can see the 2 timestamps in the attendance history, though. It’s just confusing for our teachers.

Hi @thajni Thanks for the heads up, it turned out to be a bug in how the timestamps were being saved for double periods. I’ve created a fix in v27, which can be found here: Attendance: fixed timestamp of attendance taken for double periods in… · GibbonEdu/core@6ef64cf · GitHub

You can safely apply this fix to your system by going to the “…” icon, then “View File” > “Download Raw File” and update the two changed attendance files in your system. Thanks!

I had noticed the same, and applying these fixes appears to have solved the issue in v25

Great to hear, thanks for confirming the fix :+1:

Thank you so much for the fix, it works well on our system.

PS. Sorry for not replying sooner, I only got the notification about your comment on my other issue 5 days ago, but not for this one. Weird.

Hi @thajni, no worries, glad to hear it’s working!