Lets say a form teacher is taking the today´s atendance list, all students have the following options:

I assume in the top box we have to choose between present, absent, left, etc, etc
So, what is the main purpose of the second box asking for Pending, Education, Family, Medical and other ???.
Finally, there is a third box in blank, what is this box purpose?

From my point of view just the first box is sufficient, I believe !!!

Adolfo, when the top box is Present, the second box should be blank. @skuipers did we not fix this issue? Or is that only in v14? Ross

Hmm, I thought it was fixed too. Go to School Admin > Manage Attendance Settings and add a comma in front of the list of Reasons, so that it looks something like this:

This will add a blank option back to the reasons drop-down & fix the issue you’re seeing.

I’ve just checked and it is fixed in v14. Adolfo, try Sandra’s solution for now for v13. Thanks!

Good, I added the comma before Pending, now the second box is in blank. However I believe if a student is present there is no any need to choose any option in the second box, so this second box should not be visible, except if a student is absent, is it ok?
Finally, there is a third box in blank, what is this box purpose?

Schools can customize their attendance Types and Reasons in the Manage Attendance Settings page, so the system isn’t restricting the types and reasons that can be used to allow for the greatest flexibility. You’re right, in most cases it would be left blank for Present. The third box is for any optional written comments from the teacher while they take attendance.

Thanks Sandra, so is it possible to make the second and third boxes appear just if in the first box we choose a different option than “Present”???, something like this:

Does my request make sense?

In the interest of flexibility and backwards compatibility, it’s important to keep in mind that every school is different and uses the system in different ways. Hiding the functionality may make sense to one school, but could break things for another school (our PE teachers for example use ‘No Kit’ in the reason field to help them track the number of times kids forget their physed clothes. I’m sure there’s other schools with different uses).

I don’t think having the fields visible and blank should cause any issues with using the attendance system as-is.

Adolfo, I agree with Sandra here. We can’t risk over-personalising the system to any one schools needs, otherwise it loses its power as a flexible system for all. Thanks!

Ok, I understand your points, you both are fully right !!!. My concern is due to attendace here is taken at 7:30 am by form groups, not by sections or classes. but thanks again Ross and Sandra.