Attandance on summary page and on report does not match

We take attendance for the form in the morning and for all classes during the day. When I look at the summary page of a student, the summary numbers and colours are displayed according to the records taken. However, the numbers are different when we generate the reports for the report cycles. It usually shows more absent days, and also the number of lates is increased.Why could this be? How could we avoid this situation?

I am attaching screenshots for reference.
The student has 3 red = absent days on the summary page for the two terms:

The student has 6 days of absent days on the report for the two terms:

Hi there, i have been tackling attendane for the past couple days, make sure your reporting periods and cycles are done correctly, the section in the red rectangle in the attached image are what affects the attendance in the report

Hi thajni, these numbers should line up, but as Aziz mentioned, it also uses the reporting cycle dates when looking at the attendance lists. Can you let me know which version of Gibbon you are using and if you take a combination of class and form group attendance, or just class attendance?

Here is a link to the latest version of the AttendanceByCycle script, which has some improvements for handling end of day calculations when attendance has been taken multiple times in multiple scopes.

It should be backwards compatible. Click Raw, then save the file as AttendanceByCycle.php, backup your existing modules/Reports/src/Sources/AttendanceByCycle.php file and replace it with the new one. Hope this helps!

Thanks for the answer, Sandra. The reporting cycle dates are set according to our term schedule. We take attendance for the form in the morning, and during the day for all classes.

The reports were generated on v24, but since then I have updated to v25. Is the PHP file you sent the same as in v25, or is it a newer version?

Hi thajni, my apologies for the slow reply, it’s been busy on this end. Yes, the file is slightly newer than the one in v25, having made some improvements to it to try and make it more even usable in the next version.