Attainment Name

I am attempting to write a query to find incomplete work only when it is marked as incomplete in the attainment name. I can easily write the sql if I could find the table.column that holds this information.

I have some records where the student has not submitted the work online but has demonstrated the work outside of the system. I then mark the attainment name (renamed short name as ES) as complete. I circled the information I’m looking for in red. I cannot seem to find where this is stored.

Can someone point me to where this column is located?

Well, never mind. My wife (the teacher) was showing me one thing on the screen and then a different record from the query. I have it. Sorry about that.

In order to make better use of limited screen space, Gibbon abbreviates things in some places. Generally, if you hover your pointer over, you’ll get a tool tip giving you the full meaning. Glad you got it sorted : )