Attaching documents

I see documents can be required as part of the application process.
Can I also make supplemental documents available either as part of or after the application is accepted (e.g. Policy, Rules and Regulations, etc?)

What about a file/document repository for a parents, public?


Hi Tieku, in the Application Form Settings (Admin > User Admin), you can use the Introduction and Postscript settings to add custom text. These can include links to your files.

For a file/document repository, the closest thing is the Policies module (see our Extend section). You could change the name using String Replacement (Admin > System Admin). Links to files uploaded here could then be included in your intro and postscript in the application.

Gibbon does currently lack a unified file manage. This is something I hope we’ll address in the coming versions.

Thanks! Ross

Hi Tieku,

Check out the additional modules on the Extend page:

There is a module called Policies which allows you to upload files and make them available to certain role categories (student, parent, staff, etc).

There is also an Info Grid module which adds a tab to the dashboard, and is useful for both documents and links that you want to ensure they’re easy to find by staff, students, and parents.

@admin Oops, seems we’ve overlapped with some of our forum replies :lol:

With the Policies module, what’s the significance of the scope of the policy (school, department)? Initially I thought I could use that to limit access to members of that department, but I find access is still controlled by the Audience selection.

@ross @rossdotparker

Hi Tieku,

It looks like it’s not used for permission, just for organizational purposes, so school policies are listed together, and department policies are listed together with the department.