Are notes by class possible?

Are notes by class possible? I cannot find this option.
This would allow a teacher to write a “handover” for the next day to another teacher. These notes could then remain in the class record and therefore also track a progression.

Hi rovanov,

For a handover from one day to the next, the Lesson Planner may be the best bet here. There is a Teacher Notes section on every lesson that a teacher could add notes to that are only visible by other teachers, and would be attached to a particular lesson for that class. They also remain attached to the lessons, in terms of creating a class record. Hope this helps!

Thank you Sandra,

For a handover per lesson, that might be enough.

If the same module were available for classes as it is available for students (Student → Notes), then you would have these notes available throughout the entire period that a class unit exists.

Is this a huge amount of work to make this module also available for classes as well?
Next Release? :slight_smile:

Hi rovanov,

I appreciate your interest in this as a feature. Our development capacity is limited and currently focused on ongoing refactoring and improvements to the core, so it’s unlikely that we would be able to add this feature in the next release. We do welcome contributions from developers, should this be something to develop on your end and contribute to the core or as an additional module.