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Hi, i just successfully installed Gibbon on my computer Running English Windows 10 but i want it in Arabic. I have choosed Arabic during the installation and the language in the Admin setting is set to Arabic but the interface is still in french.
How can i solve this? there a previous post about the same problem but it does tell how it solved :frowning:


ramymabrouk, generally this issue is due to your server setup. Within Windows 10, what server stack are you using? WAMP? XAMPP?

i am using WAMP


any updates plz

ramymabrouk, the best thing to do is to Google something like “WAMP install locales” and see if there is to install the locale you need into the system. You can also do “WAMP check available locales” to see if the locale you want is available. Sorry for the delay in replying, for some reason I did not get a notification about your post (which I normally do). Ross.

can we install gibbon on windows using wamp???

then how to do it.??? please help me??

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Dear admin and users, i installed gibbon on windows 10 wamp server. The pages are always in arabic, in spite of default language as english. In wampserver, php_gettext extension is activated. Please help. Thanks

keish, there are 3 places where language can be set in Gibbon 1) Admin > System Admin > Language Settings 2) Preferences 3) on login (under Options). The higher number overwrites the lower number setting, if they are set differently. Please can you check all three settings and see if any are set to Arabic.


My solution for Windows Users: