Application Form questions

How can I add the Ethnicity field to the application form?

Is there a way to turn a Personal Document field (for example the Residency/Visa Type field) into a drop-down list of options?

Can the application form present a summary page as the last page before final submission, or can this only be done using the page navigation at the top?


Hi @tiekubd

It looks like Ethnicity and Religion aren’t available as built-in fields, but if you add them as a text field using the field names “ethnicity” and “religion”, respectively, it looks like the code will pick these up and add them during the student creation process.

Currently there are no custom fields for Personal Documents. However, the Residency/Visa Type will already turn into a dropdown if the Residency Status list is defined in the User Admin > Personal Document Settings page.

Currently no, it doesn’t present a summary before submission, as this would lengthen and complicate the submission process. However, it does display it after submission, as well as email a summary to the parent, and gives them a link where they can login and view the summary.

Hi Sandra do you mean you create a generic field called ethnicity, and the value entered will auto-populate the gibbonPerson.ethnicity field during the student creation process?