Applicant phone number verification provides free verification of 50 numbers per day.

If a student/guardian submits application online via gibbon for the first time, he/she is required to verify his/her number. This verified number can then be used for sending messages/updates regarding fee or event etc.
For small scale schools, cognalys is very cost effective for this purpose and it has many other uses too.


This does sound really interesting, but we are short on resources to implement it just now. Is this something you, or someone you know or could hire, might be able to contribute?



I wish I were a programmer so as to contribute in development, but I’m researcher/finance student who wants Gibbon to be the most advanced opensource ERP.
I have signed up with cognalys and have gone through its features. They have API through which they say it can be easily integrated. I think a programmer can integrate it easily.

I can work under your guidance to help you gather contributors. 


Let’s see, a kindly programmer might find this post and contribute the code some time. If something comes up, and we have spare capacity, I will let you know. As I mentioned, for now, we are pretty tied up with other priorities.



Hello Ross,

This is a one page integration guideline. I would like to see this feature too.


Thanks for this input. As mentioned above, we are stretched for resources, and so can’t look into this now. However you are always welcome to contract a programmer to look into this for you, and commit the code back to us via GitHub.