Any How-to Documentation for the Installation of Gibbon on Windows PCs or Macs

The proprietor of a private primary school has asked me to assist in choosing school management software for his school.

  1. I want to install Gibbon on my Mac so I can test it before making a recommendation. I am having difficulties and am looking for step-by-step howto documentation for MacOS installation.

  2. Similar documentation for Windows would also be helpful since the school installation would be on a Windows PC.

Hi @NKO, welcome to the Gibbon forums.

Gibbon is web-based software, so it can be installed on a web server running something like Apache or Nginx. Here is a link to the installation information: Installing Gibbon :: Gibbon Docs

For MacOS, I recommend installing and setting up MAMP (free version) to create a localhost where you can run a virtual server on your computer, then installing Gibbon on that. I don’t have written step-by-step instructions specifically for MAMP, as they’re quite similar to the base install instructions, however the video on the install page is showing MAMP as an example, hope this helps!

Another approach you could try is installing Ubuntu Linux in a VM using Virtualbox and then installing the webserver and Gibbon on that. It could then be ported over to the Windows machine when it is fully working. I have run a couple of Gibbon instances from a school’s Windows server this way. Hyper-V or VMWare both work well also. Best of luck, all of your questions will be answered on here, it is a fantastic community and the developers are truly awesome!

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