AM and PM attendance

It would be really useful to set AM and PM attendance and be able to query this easily. This is a legal requirement in some systems e.g. UK but all the international schools I have worked in had 2 registrations a day too…

Hi sdbaldwin,

I’ve added this to our Feature Requests board in GitHub. At this time our development is quite focused on our ongoing refactoring efforts, but I can certainly see where this would be useful for schools. Its been requested before too, so if you search the forums here you may find some suggestions that work as an interim solution.



I suppose it would be worthwhile to provide support for other reg periods too just in case one school (as they tend to do) decides to be different and have more than two.

@sdbaldwin , do you have any ideas on how this should be done? I’ve worked with a few school management systems but not to the level I’d need to really tell you a way that’s easy. I can check in SIMS myself (I have a demo version installed at the office) but if you have any other input that would be really helpful. That way we’ll have a plan on what will make things (hopefully) perfect for you and others in your position!

I have used the workaround of setting up two classes (AM registration and PM Registration).
I guess we could just have a configuration setting of “Number of attendances per day” although I doubt many schools have more than 2.