Alteraltions to the Application form?

Hi all.
I installed without any real issues (that were not of my own making!) Really impressed with the range of features - it looks pretty awewsome. It looks like the standard installation is geared very much towards schools which then permits applications and enrolments to the institution as a whole (rather than specific courses). Have I got that wrong?
We are an adult college with a very wide (and volatile) sets of courses; for it to work for us we would need to:-
a) present the selection of courses available to students online so they can apply for a chosen course instance (I cant see this feature in the demo?)
b) tailor the application questions (many are OK, but some need adding and some removing).

Anyone know how possible it is to make those types of alterations please?
Tony J

And apologies again.
How do I access the online student application form please?
I have put the setting to publicly available but have no idea of the url to use.
Also, are there further settings to enable the page to be publicly available?
best wishes and thanks for any guidance.

Hi tonyj, please try and avoid posting the same questions in different parts of the forum, as it takes up previous moderation time. I’m going to close this thread, as I’ve addressed both questions on your other post. Thanks!