Allow teachers to update their students' data

Hello gibbon family, thank you for the great product you provide for the public.

I have imported almost 150 student from our old excel sheet database, with lots of missing data, now i want to allow the teachers to update the info for their students.
is this possible, and how can i do it.
i tried playing around with data update permissions for teachers but no luck.


Hi Aziz,

You are most welcome, and welcome to the Gibbon community!

For personal data updates (e.g. updating most of the fields you see in Admin > User Admin > Manage Users), there are two relevant permissions (in Manage Permissions):

  • Update Personal Data_family - allows you to update your data, and that of anyone in your family
  • Update Personal Data_any - allows you to update the data for any user in the system

By default, the Teacher role will have the former setting, and so you’ll need to give that role the latter setting. Once this is done, your teachers can head to People > Data Updater > Update Personal Data and select the student from the drop down list before pressing Submit. Any fields can be adjusted, and then can then they can press the Submit button at the bottom of the page.

Your Database Administrator (plus anyone else listed under Admin > System Admin > Notification Events) will be notified of the change request, and can then adjust and approve it, after which the data is live in the system.

Hopefully this gets you unstuck : )


Hi Ross, thank you very much, i got it up and running.