All Students Getting Placed Into Classes During Sync Course Enrollment


I’m having problems with the Sync Course Enrollment feature. I set up my Courses and Classes like this:

Course: English (ENG01, ENG02, … ENG12)

And to keep it simple for now, we used only 2 roll groups. So we setup two classes per each course level like this:

ENG01 (Class for roll group 1: ENG01-01, for roll group 2: ENG01-02), ENG02 (1: ENG02-1, 2: ENG02-2), … ENG12 (1: ENG12-1, 2: ENG12-2).

I also made sure to select the proper Learning Area and the respective grade level in the Year Groups section.

We’ve already assigned each student to their respective grade level and roll group. Then I started mapping classes under Sync Course Enrollment, adding one entry for each grade level, then assigning each class to their respective Grade/Roll Group.

Next, I wanted to start small. I sync one grade level at a time. And that’s when I noticed that Grade 1 students are getting synced into all the other grade levels. Since I’m just starting and cleanup should be fast, I synced the rest of the grade levels. And sure enough, all the students are entered into all the grade levels.

At least the Roll Group distribution is consistent with their respective sections. (ENG01-1 to ENG12-1, etc.)

Any clue on where I made a mistake?


Hi Rhochie,

This is an interesting one, and I think I get what you are describing. Please can you share with me a screenshot of all your roll groups, using the table under People > Roll Groups?



Hi, Ross. Here it is, I hope you can help me figure this one out.

Ah, I see the issue! Your roll groups are not split into years. In this list I would expect to see roll groups such as 7.1, 7.2, 8.1, 8.2, etc. Roll groups are, in many schools, the groupings in which students are registered (aka attendance or roll call) in the morning. Does this solution fit your school structure? Ross.

Yes. That would work. I’ll make 2 roll groups for every grade level.

Thanks. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.