All modules orphaned post-installation - please help!

Hi Gibbon Community -

I’ve recently gotten my install up an running on a VPS. I’m somewhat a beginner in the server-side world but I thought I got things generally squared away.

However, ALL of my core modules are orphaned. I looked at other forum posts about this issue and I think I’ve ruled out permissions (I’ve included a screenshot of my terminal with the stat command run on the modules folder and things seem normal - I’ve checked the individual permissions of each of the subdirectories to the best of my ability as well).

What else could be the issue here? I’ve really got no other ideas on working this out.

Thanks in advance for any help or guidance!


Hello @sandra.

I’m seeing the same thing. The modules were present for some days after installation. But now:

And as a result, the Import From File page for example is blank:


Hi @danboverholt and @tiekubd

Can you check that the modules themselves are still in the /modules folder? Otherwise, perhaps check that your absolutePath setting in the gibbonSetting table is correct, as this is what is being used to check the location of modules. If you have made changes to the folder that Gibbon is in and/or the absolutePath, be sure to clear your browser cache, as this value is saved in cookies when you visit Gibbon. Hope this helps!

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Hi @sandra,

The culprit was a password manager that was storing saved erroneous values in some of the fields including absolutePath.



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