Alerts are not working

Hi all, i have one issue where even after passing return = success0 to headers, I’m not getting the alert displayed. I checked in index page if i remove not from $session->has(‘address’) in this condition “if (!$session->has(‘address’) && !empty($_GET[‘return’])) {” its working but i don’t want to change anything in this file. Is there any other way to work this out?

Hi Mandeep, welcome to the Gibbon community. Can you let us know which version your using? Also, is this in code you’ve modified or created? The line you’ve mentioned in the index is just used for errors on the dashboard/index page. Other pages use a returnProcess function to get and display the error. See an example below:

`if (isset($_GET['return'])) {
    returnProcess($guid, $_GET['return'], null, null);

Thank u so much @ross, i used this custom code. But the solution u sent really helped a lot.

if($_GET[‘return’] == “success0”){
echo “

echo __(“Data import was successful”);
echo ‘