After Migration Gibbon is not working.

Dear Support Team,

After Migrate Code in Local Server, i am getting something is unknown errors.

After Update config file page is not loading.

Hi vishalr,

There are a couple common causes for this after moving the server. The first is to check that the database credentials in config.php are still valid for the new server, and update them as required. The second is the absolutePath and absouteURL which Gibbon stores in the database will need to be updated to match the path of the new location. To do this, we suggest you wither SSH into your mysql server manually or use a tool like phpMyAdmin or Sequel Pro to access your database. Look for the table called gibbonSetting and update the absolutePath and absouteURL.


Thanks for replaying,

I have installed gibbon in my xampp local server and my gibbon code in root.

Base URL: http://localhost/lily/

absolutePate: html/

is it correct or not?

Hi vishalr,

I’m not sure about xampp but on my mamp local server the absolutePath needs to include the full system path, not just the relative path, eg; /Users/sandra/Localhost/gibbon (where my mamp htdocs is pointed at the Localhost folder). Also, both absolutePath and absoluteURL are cached in the session, so be sure to clear cache once you’ve changed them to ensure your error isn’t just client-side in your browser.

If you try and do a new install of Gibbon in a subfolder, Gibbon will work out the URL and path for you, and then you can use that (less the subfolder) as your answer. Then delete the subfolder and database for the new install. Hope this helps! Ross.