After installation Error Your request failed due to a database error.

Hey, I had the demo up and running for a few days. I decided to do a fresh install yesterday. I could login fine. But now today I tried to login and got an error that said “Your request failed due to a database error.”

Is this problem easy to fix? (I have no knowledge of mysql, so I guess I’m also just wondering can someone who is generally computer savvy install and maintain gibbon fairly easy or should I be looking elsewhere).

Ah I don’t see an edit button anywhere… this should be in installation.


Good questions. Gibbon is not an application/app, and so it cannot be installed and then just forgotten about. Like any web-based system it runs on a server, using a range of services (web server, PHP server, MySQL server, etc), and these need to be maintained to keep it running smoothly. In this sense, you become a system administrator, and being computer savvy is a start, but there is more to it than that.

With that said, there ways to lighten the load, such as having someone else run your server (shared hosting for small installs, or a dedicated provisioned server for larger installs), using Softaculous to install or paying for commercial support (such as provided by @andystat at Rapid36).

I can’t imagine any school management system, complex as they are, not fitting this bill. If you use something run as a service (like ManageBac), you are just paying someone else to do it for you. At least with a system like Gibbon you get to look under the hood ; )

In terms of the specific question, if you look in /login.php, the only place that can issue an error code of 2 (“Your request failed due to a database error.”) is on line 136, and this is to do with the roles that a user has. Did you by any chance edit your own account and remove all the roles? This should not be possible…but perhaps there was an error of some kind.

Can you use phpMyAdmin to log into your database and look at the able gibbonPerson? You should find a row for your user: I am interested to see what the values are in the fields gibbonRoleIDPrimary and gibbonRoleIDAll.



Hey thanks for the info. I don’t believe I did anything like that, but I ended up doing another fresh install since I didn’t do anything before either. As of right now everything is running smoothly and I’ve been able to add a few classes. If anything comes up, I’ll let you know. Thanks so much for the support!