Advice on start using the system in v25, but loading the information before, using v24


I’m going to start using the system in production with v25, once it is released.
However, I would like to arrive at the release date with all the data already loaded (Students, Teachers, Courses, Classes, Timetables, and other configurations)

Is it a good idea to load all those in v24 and then migrate to v25? or it would be better to wait until v25 is released, and then load the data?
When I say load I mean manually registering and configuring everything using the system interface, as opposed to bulk loading from other sources. This is because preparing the information to bulk load will take me about the same effort as doing it using the system screens.

Which would be the recommended path/procedure?

Thank you very much

Hi Ricardo,

Yes, you can absolutely start using it with v24 and upgrade to v25 once it is released. Gibbon has an updater that handles all the database changes required from version to version, and will always preserve your data from one version to the next. Each release, we put a lot of time into testing each new version to make sure it is backwards compatible, so the upgrade from one version to the next is smooth and doesn’t require any manual changes on your part. Once you have started using the system you can keep all your data with each update: the original Gibbon installation has persisted across 11 years without any issue :smiley:

Great to hear that!! <3
You gave me peace of mind.
So I’ll start assigning people different tasks in order to start with the data loading and course building.

Just to make it a bit closer to my understanding, the upgrading from one version to the next would be done through System/Update.
And on the other hand, the moving from one academic year to the following is done using Course Enrollment Rollover and User Admin/Rollover. Is that right?

Thank you!!
Warm regards