Admission Register

Hi Ross,

I was able to go through the application process by filling a new application form. I then accepted this new application to create all user information. After this I enrolled the new student into a class. Everything went smoothly.

I have two questions:

1) Let’s assume a student is leaving the school. How is the process? Where is this recorded?
2) Is there an admission register listing the students and giving their date of admission and date of withdrawals, if any.

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For students leaving the school, you can edit their user record under Admin > User Admin in the main menu, followed by Manage Users in the module menu. Set their status to Left, and set an End Date to record their last day of school. One set to Left a user cannot log in, and does not show up in most lists in the system. Once the end date is reached, they are still live in the system, but don’t show up in lots of teacher-facing lists.

If you set up the User Management command line tool (see here for details) to run every night, you can set the end date in advance, and when the date is reached, the user will automatically be set to left, as will their parents (if there are no siblings still active in the school, and the are not staff). This is a much neater way to do it.



Hi Ross,

Thanks for explaining!

Things are clearer now and I will test this CLI you mentioned.

Can you please answer my second question as well? Is this done with the query builder?

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Ah yes, sorry, missed the second one. Take a look at People > Students in the main menu and then New Students in the module menu. Does this do you what you need?



Yeah, I think, this will do! Thanks Ross.

Hello members,

This is an old post but my question is inline with the title(I’ve tried searching around the discussions), but if you wish I post it as new question I will repost:

When logged into the system is registration of new students a two step process:
Students>>student enrolment
under student enrolment a long list of active and new student appears (is it possible to see only the newly added)

#Trying to use application form sets you as a relative to the student unless you’re logged out.

#Am I experiencing something weird or this is everyone’s process when logged in.

#When registering while logged in is there a pending list created

Kind regards

Hi Kelvin,

Submitting the form while logged in is intentionally setup to attach the application to the current user and/or family, which helps with sibling applications or applications for existing users in the school. For admin who wish to use a blank application form while logged in, go to Manage Applications and select the Add button, then “Blank Form” and you can add a form. You can optionally use this tool to connect the form to other existing users who are not yourself.

Hi Sandra,

That’s a good and powerful twist on the application form!
Okay I now get it…!

and about the long list(active and unenrolled users) during enrolment… is there separation of the list in future to avoid confusing similar names?

Thank you