Admin user acting as both student and parent

New to Gibbon, After the setup i used the initial user account to create a student application form which is how the system would be used in my school (student application and enrolment would be done in the office by the office stuffs)
the user account used in creating an application for student automatically is assigned as the parent which isnt the case and the same user is listed as a student in the sytem instead of being a staff.

I need help in separating both student and staffs details and to de link parent as the user that created it or atleast be able to change the parent for a student.


You can add users via the following options: Admin > User Admin > Add. This allows you to create a parent of your choice. You can then enrol the student by: People > Students > Student Enrolment > Add. Hope this helps.

The staff entering the days shows as the parent because you ate logged in. Log out and use the public form, and you can enter patent details. Better as Jack mentions above to use Manage Users though. Ross.