Additional roles not evaluated in core access methods


i added a new additional role via frontend and set its permissions.
however, core functions like isActionAcessible() or isModuleAccessible() only decide on the core roles not the additional ones.
they check on $session->get('gibbonRoleIDCurrent'), but not $session->get('gibbonRoleIDAll')
what am i missing here?

thanks in advance


no one? :frowning:
have i made myself clear?

what i am aiming for is to assign an additional role to a person and use this role for access control to certain paths/functionalities of my custom module. are there other/better ways to accomplish this?

Hi @norman, welcome to the community! They’re run on a volunteer basis by a small team, and it’s been a busy time of year at school lately :sweat_smile:

There should be no need to change the code when adding a role. A user can have one primary role and any number of additional roles. However, only one role can be active at a time, as this determines what menus and dashboards to display to them. If you look on the sidebar of the dashboard of the main page, there is a Role Switcher, enabling users with more than one role to switch into different roles. Hope this helps!

sandra, thanks for your response!
that’s what i was missing: only one role can be active at a time.
this helps a lot, i can go on now :slight_smile: