adding upper limit for course enrolment in module "Class enrolment"

Hello, Ross,

would it be possible to add an upper limit to the course enrolment for the module “Class enrolment” – similar to the feature in “Course Selection”? or is there a setting in the database I could change/add to make this happen?

Thank you.


Hi Yirong, yes, this is possible, but it will take some custom coding. A big factor in terms of complexity will be whether you want the same limit for all classes, or custom limits for different classes. Let me know, and I’ll let you know how we might proceed. Cheers, Ross.

It would be different limits for different classes. And there might be upper and lower limit. Upper limit will trigger “no more student can enroll” - either by not showing the classes or other means you think would work. The lower limit would just be informational - if the lower limit is not met, the class will not be offered. If you need more information, we could discuss via email and other operational details to make this happen.

Thank you!


Hi Yirong, thanks, this is useful to know. We could do this either as a core change + Class Enrolment module change, or custom field + Class Enrolment. Let me ponder what might work best. In the meantime, if you could send that email, then we can start looking at offering a quotation. Cheers! Ross

Thank you, Ross. I have summarize the feature as a “Reqqust For Quotation” in the email.

Have a great weekend.