Adding student's first name in available variables for email templates


I’ve recently installed Gibbon and I’m beginning to make an email template. However, I am noticing that I am unable to access the student’s first name in the set of available variables. Is it possible to add this (and along with the parent’s first name) as part of the available variables for email templates in the future?

I have attached a screenshot of these variables in this post as well so you understand what I mean (plus the seven extra defaults that are displayed via the tooltip)

Hi @moabdisamad2 welcome to the Gibbon community. I can see where this would be useful to have. I’d be happy to add firstName to the available variables for the next version of Gibbon, v27, releasing in April. In the interim, there is a studentOfficialName, which generally includes first name + last name, so this may be of use for your templates. Thanks!