Adding Extensions Into the Gibbon Site

Dear Whom This may Concern,

I would like to know how can I add extension files from the Gibbon homepage into my site since I am new to that. Thanks
Andy Lai


Thanks for your question. Let’s take the Free Learning unit as an example:

  1. If you download the module from it will arrive as a ZIP file.
  2. Uncompress this file, and it will land in a folder named something like module-freeLearning-x.y.zz.
  3. Inside this folder is the module folder, called, in this case, Free Learning.
  4. Upload the whole module folder to /modules/ in your install.
  5. Go into your Gibbon interface, and go to Admin > System Admin in the main menu and then Manage Modules in the module menu.
  6. The new module should appear in your list of modules, highlighted in orange.
  7. Click on the install icon to install.

Let me know how you get on with this.