Adding Currency BDT


it will be nice if BDT is added of if there is a way to add BDT(Bangladesh Taka).


Thanks for your request. Sorry there has been a delay in replying (we usually aim for 24-48 hours): it seems the email notification of your post went missing.

BDT has been added to the system for v11. If you are using v10, you can copy the changes made to the systemSettings.php file from the link below into your copy of the file:



Sorry for this late reply. But many many thanks for adding BDT. Im grateful and please let me know if i can contribute on Gibbon in Bangla and how.  

Tarul, that would be amazing, thanks! Please email, and once we have your details we will set up Bangla as a language, and give you access.


Hello Ross,

Thanks for this great software.

I am still trying to learn and understand how to setup my SCHOOLS. I have a couple of issues to start with:

1st is the currency. I am using Tanzania Shillings (TSh)

2nd is the current school period. We have 2 start/end periods at our O/A Level secondary school. The O (ordinary - Form 1-4) level starts Jan and ends in Dec. However, the A (advance - Form 5 and 6) start around July - June. It seems setting up multiple "current" period is not possible unless I am not doing it right.

I am doing multiple installs for nursery school, primary school, secondary school and collage under the organisation I am representing. I will probably come up with more questions as I move along the path of setting up.



Fixed the currency issue by updating module/system admin/systemsettings.php file

Riyaz, to keep the forum organised, please can you post your two questions in separate, new threads, and we will treat them separately. This will help others find information in future.

In terms of the currency, these changes will be lost in future updates, if you don’t push them back to the Gibbon Core. Do you know how to do this in GitHub? If not, email us your code and we will integrate it manually.

I will follow your guide by asking one question per thread.

I will email the changes I made to 2 files.

Email received, changes added (thanks for contributing them), and replied to your email. Thanks!