Adding an SSL certificate

I have been trying to add an SSL certificate to our Gibbon installation so that it doesn’t show “insecure” in the web browser.
I installed a package called Certbot that gets a certificate from the EFF. So far I haven’t got it to work and I get a message saying it requires a virtual host listening on port 80 to verify the identity. I have googled this issue and tried top implement a solution but each time I try to add a virtual host on port 80, I can no longer log in to the website so I am clearly doing something wrong. Has anyone else managed to do this or found an alternative solution?

Hi sbaldwin, SSL is definitely the way to go, and worth persisting. I’ve not used Certbot, but wonder if the issue is that your Gibbon install is redirecting back to http:// because the absoluteURL and absolutePath values in the gibbonSetting table in your database have not been updated. Let me know if this helps. Thanks! Ross.

I have updated the absolute URL in settings on System Admin as we now have a linked URL. I have not updated the path value in there. Our URL is now, what do I need to do to the Path value? Thank you…

Hi sdbaldwin, the path value may need to be changed, depending on how your server is set up. This value points to the location of your Gibbon install in relation to the root of your system’s file system. For example, my dev setup (which uses MAMP on Mac) has an absolutePath value of /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/gibbon

I am also trying to add a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate using Certbot. I updated the AbsoluteURL to https, but I still get a login screen on Gibbon (v. 19, need to upgrade!) that is incomplete. The certificate is working for the other subdomains. Is there anything else I need to do?

Ah, sorry. It worked.

Great to hear : )